Amazon FBA Prep Service for Fulfillment in China

Fast and reliable FBA cargo transportation agent, providing end-to-end one-stop service to safely transport products to Amazon warehouses, with no minimum order fee or hidden fees. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there's anything specific you'd like to inquire about.

The Benefits of Choosing Chinadivision Amazon Fba Prep Center

Save time and costs

Save time and costs

FBA Preparation Services allow sellers to outsource time-consuming tasks, freeing up time to focus on their business.

E-commerce integration

E-commerce integration

Provides multi-channel fulfillment integration and same-day delivery, which can directly meet customer needs.

Inspection of packaging

Inspection of packaging

Upon arrival, professional warehouse operators will inspect all products and packaging and can customize packaging.

30 days of free storage

30 days of free storage

Multiple shipments can be consolidated and sent in the same shipment, reducing transportation costs and saving time.

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing

It can assist in placing brand marketing materials when packaging to improve user experience and brand awareness.

Comply with FBA prep

Comply with FBA prep

Ship according to Amazon FBA prep, and the order shipping process can be tracked online in real time.

Chinadivision’s FBA Prep Services Steps

Do you want to reduce your expenses on Amazon FBA and warehousing fees? When the products arrive at the Amazon warehouse, you have encountered situations where the products cannot be received or are delayed, resulting in extended order processing time. Want to improve these problems and regain brand image and customer satisfaction? Take a look below to see how chinadivision provides Amazon FBA logistics services and improve your Amazon business!

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ship goods

STEP 1.Shipping Inventory to Chinadivision warehouse

Our FBA prep service caters to the needs of both small and large orders, ensuring that your products are prepared in compliance with FBA regulations. Whether you have international orders or require the handling of pallets or shipping containers, we've got you covered.

Make sure your shipment is sent to the following address:Building 101, Building C5, Xin'an Second Industrial Zone, Guxing Community, Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

STEP 2.Goods-Receiving

On arrival at the warehouse, your goods are inventoried and inspected. We scan all the shipments we receive by the end of the day and update them in the system accordingly. Additionally, we provide a range of essential services to further facilitate your operations, including kitting and assembly, SKU barcode preparation, and confirming carton dimensions and weight. You can easily track and monitor the status of your goods online, ensuring transparency and enabling you to stay informed about the progress of your inventory.

prepare order

STEP 3.We Prepare Your Order

Our FBA prep service is committed to meticulously following your instructions and adhering to Amazon's stringent standards. Some of our preparation work includes contacting Amazon staff and generating FBA labels for you, packing, sticking FBA labels, preparing invoices, etc. If there are any products that do not meet those standards, we will notify you via email with photo documentation. By entrusting us with your FBA prep needs, you can confidently rely on our attention to detail and dedication to upholding Amazon's guidelines.

Step 4. Dispatch Your Order

Your packages are ready to ship out via FBA dedicated line (DDP included,door to door service)or preferred faster delivery providers such as DHL,TNT,FEDEX,UPS extra fee will be charged for DDP. By choosing our FBA Prep service, Amazon e-commerce sellers can easily ship Chinese products to Amazon's fulfillment center.

dispatch order
Affordable price guaranteed

Affordable price guaranteed

Through accurate calculations, we can plan the most cost-effective transportation plan for you, reduce logistics costs, and make your products more competitive in Amazon FBA.

Reduce shipping time

Reduce shipping time

Every effort will be made to shorten the turnaround time to ensure that products are packaged and shipped within 24 hours, ensuring that your business is not affected by time delays.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

Shipping fulfillment pricing is clear and transparent, ensuring your money is spent wisely. Provide detailed cost details to allow you to better understand logistics costs.

Pricing service standards about handling fees, shipping fees, and warehousing fees



Receiving Fee,Registering Fee/Warehousing-enter Fee


Repackaging,kitting&assembling,Extra Packing Material

Depends on your needs

SKU Labeling

Depends on Random Check or Full Check

Products Inspections


FBA Bulk Shippinig Starts From US

$3/kg(vary by countries)

Disocunted Rate for FBA Shipments Multi-Choice

FBA dedicated line ,DHL,TNT,FEDEX,UPS,etc


Frist 7 Days Free Storage

US$0.3 per day per CBM will be applied if exceed Automatic warehouse managerment system

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Why choosing ChinaDivision to handle your FBA shipments?

  • ChinaDivision can provide fba prep services in order to ensure that your goods are delivered to the global Amazon fulfillment centers smoothly, including (but not limited to):
    • Pick up your goods if needed where they are within China and send them to various parts of the world.
    • Receive the goods and check if any damages were caused in the warehouse to ensure that the goods are intact and undamaged.
    • Store goods with an advanced warehouse management system for real-time viewing of inventory quantities.
    • Ensure the size and weight comply with Amazon's requirements to reduce the likelihood of products being rejected by Amazon.
    • Label your boxes in accordance with FBA guidelines.
    • Name, print, and paste the SKU for you if needed.
    • Pack your boxes on pallets if needed, including stretch wrap and labels.
    • We will handle customs clearance and customs duties for you (DDP).
    • Arrange an appointment for delivery.
    • Transport your goods to the FBA warehouse or the other specified fulfillment center.
  • ChinaDvision has sent countless shipments for many Amazon sellers, has rich Amazon delivery experience, and can guarantee that your shipment will be handled professionally and delivered to Amazon smoothly.
  • By collaborating with the ChinaDivision, we can help you solve the problems encountered in the FBA shipping process and ensure that the goods you transport to Amazon arrive safely and on time.
  • We offer flexible shipping options, including both sea freight (FCL and LCL options) and air freight services. Whether you prefer the cost-effectiveness of sea freight or the speed of air freight, ChinaDivision provides you with the choice to suit your specific needs.


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